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What is new about 360-degree cameras?

We can only see what lies in our front, and ironically, we take the photos the same monotonous way when a standard camera is used. The real unique power of the 360-degree camera is how it helps in covering everything around a person. That includes quite a lot of details in the picture, and pictures can be taken in new creative angles. People derive a lot of pleasure when they post these pictures taken from the cam in the social network. It is fun when the viewer keeps wondering how the photo must have been taken. This new gadget has that’s why it becomes a mandate for travelers.

Is it only suitable for travelers?

Surprisingly a wide range of people uses this camera for developing their business and staying connected. Numerous real estate business houses benefit by posting unique pictures of the properties surrounded by the amenities. That describes everything to their clients and see a whopping increase in their deals. 

Even live streaming entertainment websites have increased subscribers after using this camera to capture events.

Should I take an EMI for buying the cam?

The cam has undoubted quality. Still, it comes an affordable price. When compared with the advanced models used by leading photographers and journalists, this camera is undoubtedly low-priced.

Is it quite tricky for non-tech-savvy people to use the cam?

Most of our customers have no idea of even basic photography. We have designed the usage in such a simple way that even the concept of operating a camera is not needed.