Photos & Videos in one click


What if one could show how huge is -Christ the Redeemer Statue? How great would it be to post a picture taken in front of the Colosseum showing its full shape? How to make friends realize that there lies a large rose garden surrounding the house? Contact us, and we can provide you answers to all the above challenges. Our cam presents a solution to all these questions as it shows the 360 surroundings in a picture.

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Check our website for all your queries on the product. The site also has a detailed demo showing how to use the product. The product is very simple to use, and in case of doubts, you can chat or call us at our 24 hours online support. Besides, we have a strong network of a technical support teams. 

Customers who carry the camera find no difficulty in reaching us despite the different time zones. Our online help is always on the way to help the customer out.  

We also have business houses as our clients, and we always understand that businesses cannot wait. For technical glitches faced during live streaming, we provide immediate assistance. 

The business world today is full of competition and technology upgrades by switching over to cams that can take your entertainment /real estate business to the next level. Contact us before planning your next vacation and captured the cherished moments more vividly.