Our history

Tamaggo is carrying the vision that sharing new experiences can reconnect people together.
Sharing pictures has become the preferred way to express our lives. Tamaggo has the ambition to initiate new forms to capture the beauty of a single moment. Even more, we are obsessed by sharing the entire feeling of an instant.
Inspired by the Swiss manufacturing, Tamaggo moved to Geneva in 2015, with the conviction that the highest technology shall be integrated to match its perfect egg design. We continuously pursue the excellence in developing the best hardware and software combination, creating a professional grade 360 camera, enhanced by an App designed by Fueled NY which socially create magnetic force to unite people (IOS and Android).
Awarded for innovation and design at the CES in Las Vegas, our product is the perfect balance between creativity and engineering. Our smart and simple camera is an enabler of truly immersive experiences with the technology allowing you to share your moment in live stream anywhere in real time.

Tamaggo App and 360LiveCam

Changing your mind, means changing your habits. Because no more frame exists, Tamaggo is not anymore, a camera to handle. Simply put it down and let it capture the whole scene while everybody forgets its presence. Photography is so different when attitude is not focused on a camera. Natural behaviors are the most beautiful and records from Tamaggo will share perfectly the feeling of the instant.
360 Live streaming means you simply immerse yourself in the present of others, feeling nothing more but nothing less than what is happening in real time. Tamaggo means ubiquity.
We are everywhere at once. 

We are Tamaggo.

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