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A Look Into Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting

A Look Into Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting

Knowing the best option for building your website is vital to achieving an ideal outcome. As a first-timer, you should be aware of the differences and features of web hosting services to know their advantages and pick the right one for your business.

It’s common knowledge that VPS is better than shared hosting, but it all depends on your website’s requirements. What you need most is tight security and fast speed, among others!

While these two can make your website quite a success, it’s vital to understand why VPS could be a better choice.

For a start, knowing the basics of VPS and shared hosting is vital to convincing yourself why the other one might be better.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

With shared hosting, your site is sharing a server with other sites. In that sense, this is considered a cheaper option as many websites are run through a single server.

As a result, there is a lesser bandwidth, flexibility, and performance in shared hosting. But no worries, as the host takes care of security, maintenance, and technical configurations. And that makes shared hosting the better choice for websites with low traffic.

On the other hand, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an upgrade of a shared server to host a server privately. It uses virtualization technology to provide resources on a server with multiple users.

VPS can be private or virtual and separated from other server users on the OS level. With VPS, you can set up your website securely with resources that you don’t have to share with other users. VPS hosting is ideal for e-commerce sites to guarantee users’ safety while making online payments.

As you can see, these two types of web hosting services present advantages. But really, as previously mentioned, it all depends on your website!

Why is VPS better than shared hosting?

First off, VPS is an ideal choice if you think it’s the service you really need. It’s usually seen as the solution if your website has grown out of the resource limit of shared hosting.

Here are the pros of using VPS that might help you convince why it’s so much better than shared hosting:

  • faster and reliable than shared hosting
  • zero to minimal fluctuations in resources
  • traffic surges and other issues from other server users will not affect you
  • you get access to your server
  • better privacy with your information locked away from other server users
  • easy to scale

Of course, VPS has downsides too! For example, it’s more expensive than shared hosting. It also requires technical knowledge to host the server as some glitches may lead to security issues on your website.

Nevertheless, VPS hosting is an excellent choice!

VPS Hosting Benefits

With VPS hosting, your account will have the exact amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space you have chosen regardless of what other server users are doing. That said, your website will have more excellent stability and performance.

Also, one more thing…

You don’t have to share the Operating System (OS) with other users, which means you’ll have better security on your website files.

VPS hosting services are affordable than many people think. The advances in virtualization technology are the main reason for this.

So, expect to save quite a bit of money when you make a switch to VPS hosting!

Final Say on Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting

In reality, there is no perfect answer as to which one between VPS and shared hosting is better for a website.

It all depends on your website requirement and the kind of security features you’ll need. For example, if you own an e-commerce business, window VPS servers are advised for this kind of business website.

Generally speaking, VPS hosting is preferred by most people due to better security, performance, efficiency, dedicated resources, and could work out cheaper.

To get VPS hosting, you have to find a hosting provider such as Bluehost. You can choose different hosting packages based on the amount of resources your website needs.

So, enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting and witness the efficient performance of your website.

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