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The 5 Greatest Medical Innovations In Recent Years

There are a few professions that are as old as the human race itself. A businessman will tell you sales is the oldest profession. Others would argue that farming or gathering is. But one of the oldest fields of human work is actually medicine. Even our ancient ancestors would try any methods they had at their disposal to reduce pain and suffering, as primitive as they might have been.

But we are very lucky in our modern times to be blessed with fantastic and miraculous medicines and medical technologies. So today we want to take a look at some of the greatest, and perhaps lesser-known, medical innovations that have appeared in recent years. To celebrate the great achievements humanity has made in the field of medicine.


MRI Machines

One of the greatest innovations in the medical field was the introduction of the X-Ray. The ability to finally look inside a human body at their bones without cutting them open. It saved millions. But it was by no means perfect. It made use of deadly radiation and could only examine bones.

This is where the MRI comes in. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It works by forcing protons in the body to align and this allows the machine to capture an image of the inside of a human body. Specialists train for years to be able to understand these images and pinpoint the illnesses and issues within the human body. A fantastic medical innovation that has saved millions of lives.


Surgical Blades

In Victorian times, doctors had to make use of very primitive blades and cutting apparatus to perform surgery. These blades often left gruesome scars and only allowed basic surgeries to be performed. Thanks to modern engineering, we now have blades so thin and so precise that we can perform miraculous procedures.

Hospitals can get special blades and handles for dermaplaning, plastic surgery, keyhole surgery, and other incredible operations.



Perhaps the single greatest medical invention ever. Vaccinations have saved more lives every year than could be counted. It is no exaggeration to say that vaccines have revolutionized humanity. They work by injecting a small amount of a specific illness, along with some other chemicals, that allows your body to build up an immunity to said disease naturally by creating anti-bodies. Through vaccines, we have been able to combat deadly diseases such as smallpox and even the horrid covid-19.


Dialysis Machines

If you said to someone you were having your blood cleaned they would look at you like you were insane. And yet, this is exactly what a Dialysis machine does. It takes the blood out of someone’s body and runs it through a number of complicated machines that effectively purify and clean the blood before filtering back into the body.

The beauty of a Dialysis machine is that the body thinks the blood is still flowing through as normal. This procedure does require the patient to be stationary and hooked up to a log of machinery, but it has saved countless lives.



There is no illness eviler and more hated than cancer. Countless families have lost loved ones to this tragic illness. Humanity has dedicated a lot of time and effort to battle this illness. And one of the treatments we have created is chemotherapy.

Chemo itself is a horrible treatment that involves pumping the body full of radiation to battle cancer. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, and yet it is amazing just how many people have been saved by this incredible treatment. Even if it is horrible to go through, it is outstanding all the same.

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