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The New Console War: What Next Gen Console Is For You?

If you are part of the gaming community, you have definitely heard the debate of whether or not the Playstation 5 or the Xbox Series X will be the next best console on the market. Now that all of the games and features have been announced, we all have a bit of time to decide which one we will be purchasing upon release. For some of you out there, deciding which one to purchase may be a difficult task. Fear not, we have put together some points of consideration that will help you decide which next-gen console is the best for you.



One distinguishable difference between Xbox and Playstation is the inclusion of VR. Microsoft has no plans to develop any VR hardware for the Xbox and so if VR is something that you really want to experience, you are better off looking into getting a PlayStation 5. If you already have a VR setup, this can be moved from the PS4 to the PS5, so it will also save you a bit of money.



One big difference between the two consoles that you should look into is which games they are capable of running. There are some games that have been specifically released for a certain console, so if you are excited about a specific game you should make sure you are buying the right console. If you have spent lots of time rocket league boosting and your new console doesn’t even have rocket league as a game option, then you have wasted a lot of time which will only annoy you in the future.


All in all, you should do a lot of research before you buy any of the next-generation consoles as they are quite expensive and offer lots of different features, they are not due to be released for a long time so you have plenty of time to think it through.

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