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Why 360 Degree Cameras Have Changed the World of Dash Cams

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash camera is a camera keeps watch over your vehicle every time you drive, ensuring there is hard evidence for whatever happens on the road and thus providing some pretty obvious benefits. For example, they can provide footage which can be used as evidence against any false claims from other drivers. Footage from a dash cam can also be used to get you out of an undeserved ticket. Dash cams can also record beautiful scenery if you’re on a particularly nice road trip, or be used to watch over your car if you need to walk away.

Why are 360 Degree Dash Cams so Good?

360 degree dash cams are like any other dash cam, only they provide full 360-degree coverage of your car. This means they have a whole host of benefits that regular dash cams can’t provide. They are also usually more modern than regular dash cams, so they tend to have many additional features that increase safety and convenience. So with that in mind, why have 360 degree cameras changed the world of dash cams?

1. Increased Coverage

An obvious benefit of having a 360 degree dash cam is that incidents that occur behind your car or beside it will be picked up by the camera. This means that if somebody bumped your car from behind, for example, they wouldn’t be able to deny it or downplay it as you would have footage. In a way, its like having a separate camera for every single angle of your car, so no matter where an incident occurs, you’ll be covered. In addition to this, when the camera is watching over your car when you aren’t there it will catch any vandals or potential thieves no matter where they come from.

2. Additional Tech Benefits

As previously stated, since 360 degree dash cams are usually more modern than other dash cams, they are more likely to come with other technological benefits beside increased coverage. For example, the Horizon Secure360 can livestream your dash cam footage to your phone. This means that if you can watch over your car for vandals or thieves via your phone during times when you have parked in a potentially dangerous area and have to leave your car. The 4K resolution Vezo360 dash cam on the other hand can use AI to identify if you’re falling and will wake you up to prevent an accident. The Vezo360 also has 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

3. Only Minor Drawbacks

Being small and quite affordable, 360 dash cams don’t really have any notable drawbacks considering the benefits they provide. One potential problem is that dash cams can drain car batteries, especially if they have many features like Bluetooth and GPS, so you should ensure you have a decent car battery before purchasing one. Green-4-u actually have an extensive list of car battery reviews, so you should consider looking there before purchasing a new car battery for your dash cam.

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