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How You Can Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

How You Can Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

If you are a business owner, then you are likely more than familiar with how useful social media is as a business tool. Since the introduction of social media, all parts of running a business has changed.

You now no longer have to depend on your usual advertising techniques in order to promote your business. You can now use social media to your advantage and for the most part, it is completely free. If you are new to being a business owner and you are not sure how you can use social media to promote your business, here are just some of the ways that you can.


Tiktok is arguably the most popular social media platform right now. Since its introduction, TikTok has been used by businesses all over the world as a form of advertising. The app is completely free to use and you can post just about any content, as long as it is not considered offensive, which means that you can advertise your product and service.

TikTok is such a great platform to use to advertise your business for a number of reasons. First of all, essentially everyone on the internet is using it, which means that you will have a lot of people that can potentially see your advertisements.

Secondly, there are a lot of features you can use to make money and tools that you improve. You can actually buy Tiktok likes with PayPal, which means that you can increase the number of likes on your videos. The more likes that your videos have, the more people will be interested in clicking, which you can use to your advantage. You can show yourself using the product that you are selling or demonstrating your service and this can be seen all around the world.


As you likely know, setting up a business page on most social media sites is completely free, which means that you can set up the base of your business without any issue.

However, for your business page to be successful, you do need people to click on the page and interact with it. Most social media platforms are flooded with lots of different pages so it is easy for your page to become lost among the masses. If you want to avoid this being the case, you can use the promotion feature. The promotion feature allows you to pay a low cost which will result in your business page being promoted to people who follow similar things.

You can choose just to promote one individual post, which is great if you have some sort of deal happening that you would like to inform your followers about. We recommend that you promote a single post, as people are more likely to acknowledge a post promotion rather than a page promotion. If you do choose to do this, do ensure that the post is colorful and vibrant, as people will tend to ignore boring and drab posts.

A Look Into Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting

A Look Into Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting

Knowing the best option for building your website is vital to achieving an ideal outcome. As a first-timer, you should be aware of the differences and features of web hosting services to know their advantages and pick the right one for your business.

It’s common knowledge that VPS is better than shared hosting, but it all depends on your website’s requirements. What you need most is tight security and fast speed, among others!

While these two can make your website quite a success, it’s vital to understand why VPS could be a better choice.

For a start, knowing the basics of VPS and shared hosting is vital to convincing yourself why the other one might be better.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

With shared hosting, your site is sharing a server with other sites. In that sense, this is considered a cheaper option as many websites are run through a single server.

As a result, there is a lesser bandwidth, flexibility, and performance in shared hosting. But no worries, as the host takes care of security, maintenance, and technical configurations. And that makes shared hosting the better choice for websites with low traffic.

On the other hand, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an upgrade of a shared server to host a server privately. It uses virtualization technology to provide resources on a server with multiple users.

VPS can be private or virtual and separated from other server users on the OS level. With VPS, you can set up your website securely with resources that you don’t have to share with other users. VPS hosting is ideal for e-commerce sites to guarantee users’ safety while making online payments.

As you can see, these two types of web hosting services present advantages. But really, as previously mentioned, it all depends on your website!

Why is VPS better than shared hosting?

First off, VPS is an ideal choice if you think it’s the service you really need. It’s usually seen as the solution if your website has grown out of the resource limit of shared hosting.

Here are the pros of using VPS that might help you convince why it’s so much better than shared hosting:

  • faster and reliable than shared hosting
  • zero to minimal fluctuations in resources
  • traffic surges and other issues from other server users will not affect you
  • you get access to your server
  • better privacy with your information locked away from other server users
  • easy to scale

Of course, VPS has downsides too! For example, it’s more expensive than shared hosting. It also requires technical knowledge to host the server as some glitches may lead to security issues on your website.

Nevertheless, VPS hosting is an excellent choice!

VPS Hosting Benefits

With VPS hosting, your account will have the exact amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space you have chosen regardless of what other server users are doing. That said, your website will have more excellent stability and performance.

Also, one more thing…

You don’t have to share the Operating System (OS) with other users, which means you’ll have better security on your website files.

VPS hosting services are affordable than many people think. The advances in virtualization technology are the main reason for this.

So, expect to save quite a bit of money when you make a switch to VPS hosting!

Final Say on Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting

In reality, there is no perfect answer as to which one between VPS and shared hosting is better for a website.

It all depends on your website requirement and the kind of security features you’ll need. For example, if you own an e-commerce business, window VPS servers are advised for this kind of business website.

Generally speaking, VPS hosting is preferred by most people due to better security, performance, efficiency, dedicated resources, and could work out cheaper.

To get VPS hosting, you have to find a hosting provider such as Bluehost. You can choose different hosting packages based on the amount of resources your website needs.

So, enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting and witness the efficient performance of your website.

The 5 Greatest Medical Innovations In Recent Years

There are a few professions that are as old as the human race itself. A businessman will tell you sales is the oldest profession. Others would argue that farming or gathering is. But one of the oldest fields of human work is actually medicine. Even our ancient ancestors would try any methods they had at their disposal to reduce pain and suffering, as primitive as they might have been.

But we are very lucky in our modern times to be blessed with fantastic and miraculous medicines and medical technologies. So today we want to take a look at some of the greatest, and perhaps lesser-known, medical innovations that have appeared in recent years. To celebrate the great achievements humanity has made in the field of medicine.


MRI Machines

One of the greatest innovations in the medical field was the introduction of the X-Ray. The ability to finally look inside a human body at their bones without cutting them open. It saved millions. But it was by no means perfect. It made use of deadly radiation and could only examine bones.

This is where the MRI comes in. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It works by forcing protons in the body to align and this allows the machine to capture an image of the inside of a human body. Specialists train for years to be able to understand these images and pinpoint the illnesses and issues within the human body. A fantastic medical innovation that has saved millions of lives.


Surgical Blades

In Victorian times, doctors had to make use of very primitive blades and cutting apparatus to perform surgery. These blades often left gruesome scars and only allowed basic surgeries to be performed. Thanks to modern engineering, we now have blades so thin and so precise that we can perform miraculous procedures.

Hospitals can get special blades and handles for dermaplaning, plastic surgery, keyhole surgery, and other incredible operations.



Perhaps the single greatest medical invention ever. Vaccinations have saved more lives every year than could be counted. It is no exaggeration to say that vaccines have revolutionized humanity. They work by injecting a small amount of a specific illness, along with some other chemicals, that allows your body to build up an immunity to said disease naturally by creating anti-bodies. Through vaccines, we have been able to combat deadly diseases such as smallpox and even the horrid covid-19.


Dialysis Machines

If you said to someone you were having your blood cleaned they would look at you like you were insane. And yet, this is exactly what a Dialysis machine does. It takes the blood out of someone’s body and runs it through a number of complicated machines that effectively purify and clean the blood before filtering back into the body.

The beauty of a Dialysis machine is that the body thinks the blood is still flowing through as normal. This procedure does require the patient to be stationary and hooked up to a log of machinery, but it has saved countless lives.



There is no illness eviler and more hated than cancer. Countless families have lost loved ones to this tragic illness. Humanity has dedicated a lot of time and effort to battle this illness. And one of the treatments we have created is chemotherapy.

Chemo itself is a horrible treatment that involves pumping the body full of radiation to battle cancer. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, and yet it is amazing just how many people have been saved by this incredible treatment. Even if it is horrible to go through, it is outstanding all the same.

These are the Countries With the Best IT Support Firms For Hire

With the ever-increasing use of technology in every aspect of today’s society from home use to in the office, IT support firms are more important than ever. Innovation in technology has helped many businesses to run much more efficiently as it helps with increasing storage data, processing information much quicker, and therefore increases productivity. The positive impacts of technology on a business mean that it is vital for a business to be successful. This has increased the importance of IT support firms, the more technology develops the more complex it becomes so these teams can assist in many things including the management of data, ensuring that is it safe and secure, protecting you from cyber-attacks, solve any problems relating to your IT systems and aid the smoothness of communication among workers in the business.



London, the capital of England is known to be the financial capital of Europe. As it is the financial capital it is home to a large number of businesses including IT support. For these businesses to keep up with demand and thrive in their industry their technology has to be up to date and secure, this is just one of the many reasons there is so much outsourced IT support in the London area. England also has an extremely stable economy which means it’s unlikely you’ll pay for work and not receive it which is a big factor in deciding where to outsource to. Some of the best IT support firms in London are Syntax IT Support, Netstar IT support, and Waves IT support, they’re all open 24 hours a day to assist you with a problem as soon as it arises.



China has been rated the number one country in the world for American companies to outsource their IT support needs too. China’s firms are in such high demand that the market for this increases by around 30% every year and has an extremely positive impact on their economy. One of the main reasons why China is so popular is that it helps many American businesses reduce their costs. China has very relaxed laws around working so has some of the world’s cheapest labor costs, by using Chinese companies many American businesses will be able to cut their costs on IT support by anywhere between 30 – 80%. Due to the language barriers between America and China, it’s important to make sure you outsource to a verified company, make your needs clear, and get a quote before committing. Some of the best companies we would recommend include JustPro, CentLing Technologies, and HacknCraft.



Poland has one of the best education systems in the world so has some of the most skilled workers in IT support. It’s considered to have some of the best students in the European Union who go on to work in this field which means they offer outstanding IT support services. They have some of the highest quality IT firms specializing in PHP, Java or .NET, which are all extremely popular technology services as well as many smaller services. Some of the best reviews from American companies outsourcing are about Polish firms as they are extremely ethical and complete any work time and to a good standard. There are so many IT support firms available in Poland it was hard to choose the best but some we would recommend are Future Processing, Intellias and Symphony Solutions.



For American businesses Canada is one of the safest places to outsource IT support due to the fact, their businesses are well-established in America which saves time and resources on doing research on reputable companies. Most Canadian companies have a strong understanding of technology support and work extremely flexible hours to ensure they are always available to provide the best service. There are no language barriers and very few cultural differences making them some of the easiest firms to work with as an American. The currency exchange between the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollars also makes Canadian firms favorable as it allows for much cheaper prices. Some of the highest-ranked Canadian IT support firms include Sada Systems, Gurus Solutions, and Massive Insights Inc.

Is New Jersey Becoming the New Silicone Valley?

As a man of New Jersey, I know that it can feel like we are a simple little brother to the big apple that sits next door to our state. This feeling actually tarnishes what is turning into quite the impressive cultural resume of New Jersey, we are the home of farming, The Sopranos, and The Mets. There is one industry that has gone under the radar but is absolutely booming in the New Jersey area; and that is that of the tech industry. With many stating that New Jersey is slowly becoming the Silicone Valley of the East coast. This passage will aim to examine the validity of this statement.


Budding Growth

New York may be jealous of the pest control of New Jersey which has completely cutting edge tech, of which you can find at companies like https://permakillexterminating.com/ this industry has led to a new economy of exports, with the pest control industry of New Jersey getting a lot of work in New York, bringing millions into the New Jersey economy. This obviously is not on the same level as Silicone Valley; and though New Jersey now dominates the pest control industry, is that enough to truly take the technological crown. Until New Jersey has a product that makes it into people’s homes then it can not make such a claim.


We should perhaps take a look at the steps that the New Jersey government has taken to try and entice tech companies into their state borders. Well, New Jersey has introduced tax breaks for the super-rich, I.E. the owners of these tech companies, and offered bursaries for companies that choose to make the move into the New Jersey area. The biggest thing that these companies can offer in return to the state is employment. With many of the local workers receiving employment from these giants. The introduction of tech giants can also stimulate the local economy. With everything from coffee shops to hairdressers to supermarkets receiving a boost from the bump in the local population.


The Issues

The biggest issue with the comparisons between the two states is that Silicone Valley is already so well established, while the New Jersey industry is still growing. Now, I must ask you when you think of Silicone Valley what tech companies come to your head? Apple… Facebook… Amazon… All are good answers. When you picture the state of New Jersey what tech companies come to your head? There is no truly established tech company that has decided to stay in the New Jersey area until the day comes where a company rejects Silicone Valley to remain in New Jersey there is no real competition between the two.


As the above passage does show New Jersey has a long way to go before they can catch up to Silicone Valley. The main problem that I found is that it truly does not matter what tax breaks New Jersey can offer, there is something in the shear status symbol of Silicone Valley, a symbol that money simply can’t buy. It is more of a statement that you have truly finally made it in the tech world, you are a Silicone Valley company… wow. Until the tech of pest control gains momentum in the stock market I doubt we will ever see New Jersey catch up.

How Camera Technology Could Change the Gaming Industry

Camera technology has made strong developments in the gaming industry in recent years, from the developments in interactive gaming such as the Xbox Kinect which offered fun games that were tracked and controlled by your own movements. A few years ago this is all that was really on offer in terms of virtual gameplay and it was very popular at the time with games like Kinectimals and Kinect adventures being a very popular family game that was definitely ahead of its time.


However in recent years there has been more and more new content being released including a PS4 compatible virtual reality headset. With the use of camera technology gamers can now immerse themselves in hyper realistic gameplay. With the use of a headset you literally are able to see what it would be like to play as the player in the game, why not test your aim at a first person shooter such as Superhot or maybe take a little virtual break and play Vacation simulator.


With the new advances that have happened so quickly in the last few years it is hard to predict how swiftly the gaming world will advance in the future. I would predict that very soon the quality of virtual gameplay is going to increase to be even more hyper realistic. Nowadays, although the quality is extremely immersive it is still recognisable as gaming animation, imagine in a few years time where you can literally see real life quality graphics from the comfort of your own home.


The possibilities are endless, here are some gameplay categories that are definitely going to be improved in terms of VR quality.


  • Fantasy -RPG
  • First person shooter
  • Driving games
  • Arcade games
  • Simulation games
  • City builder style games
  • Puzzle and brain teasers
  • Sports games


In terms of how we will play these virtual reality games the concept shouldn’t stray too much from how it is now. With virtual reality headsets and gauntlets being an effective means of immersive ness, there is no reason why it should change apart from improvements to the quality and realism. You can expect to see a high quality virtual reality headset that provides solid 360 degree viewing angles with realistic high definition graphics. The gauntlets or wands will be even more responsive and without any of those pesky bugs or issues.


Camera technology has undergone massive developments, cameras are getting smaller and more high quality meaning that a more professional standard can be easily achieved in terms of camera quality. Those developments in technology have also been implemented into the gaming world. Consoles are fitted with the highest quality cameras meaning that gameplay quality has improved. One of the most drastic improvements was seen with the Xbox Kinect, this was the first console where you could control characters without the need of holding some kind of sensor. This freedom to just sync your bodies to the game was a huge development offering users a very unique gaming experience. The Kinect was also marketed as a fitness tool much like the older Wii fit boards, it was believed that the Kinect could be used to get some exercise.


The gaming industry is an industry that is constantly changing in terms of what is popular, this can make it hard to know what is going to go down well with the public so when new releases come around they must be fresh and impactful.


The gaming world as a whole has undergone massive changes and improvements lately, it seems that each and every game has received an update recently. From console games to mobile games including AFK arena, a mobile game that challenges you to build an army, and updates have been made to the AFK arena codes to improve the overall experience of the game. Use these updated codes to gain access to new rewards such as diamonds that allow you to buy extra features and make the game a lot more interesting,easily.


Overall, camera technology is developing so much and so quickly that who knows what the future holds for virtual reality gaming. It’s only going to get much more mainstream with each and everyone having some form of virtual reality gaming in their homes. Like the common xbox console as updates are constantly being made a VR Console will become very common and more affordable. Camera technology is changing so much with cameras being much more capable of tracking your movements to create an immersive gameplay experience.


Keep an eye out for new VR products coming onto the market, there’s going to be some great additions to the gaming world pretty soon and thanks to the increased popularity of these kinds of games it would be expected that sales are going to increase significantly.



How Drones Are Changing the Power and Utility Sector

Drones are becoming an integral tool in all parts of life, from agriculture to the power and utility sector. Drones have become an integral part of the power sector and have increased operation safety and efficiency.


Drones have helped the power and utility by scoping out the condition of transmission lines. Before this a lot of lines were left to their own devices, however with new thermal technology we can see directly into the lines without having to turn the energy line off. This is also a lot safer than someone having to physically check the lines and also saves a lot of time and money.


Drones can check how efficient individual energy companies really are, this means they can fix and improve their power supply. With these results being available, people who are looking to overstappen energie will be able to see which company is right for them.


Drone technology has been a fantastic tool for power companies that use solar technology to supply energy. To be able to power a large amount of people, companies set up large solar panel fields. These fields can be huge and compact, making it difficult to find any errors in the panels. Drone technology is capable of scoping out whether or not there are any issues. Not only do drones detect any problems with the panels, but many are equipped with tools that can be used to fix any technical fault. This saves a lot of money and time as it means you don’t have to employ people to check the panels.


This is the same with turbine technology. Wind turbines need to be checked at least every five years to make sure that they’re in working order, using drone technology can make these checks more frequent, so the turbines will always be in the best working order.

How to Shoot a Video with a 360 Degree Camera

With access points like YouTube, Twitch and Vimeo and leaving out many others, there’s no better time to be in film! Yet, in this day and age, it is often hard to stand out in any industry, and arguably even more so in the film sphere. So, what can you do to really shine through the copious amounts of amateur directors and videographers? Get a 360-degree camera!

A 360-degree camera is a great piece of kit that can give you that edge in the movie business. Rather than just having a stable shot that may cover 90-degrees this gives you access to a full circle’s worth of footage.

Obviously with this unique equipment you’ll need a little know-how when using it.

You’re filming with your eyes covered!

Firstly be aware that you will be filming blind, the benefit of a normal camcorder is that you have a view-finder and a live-view option whereas with a 360 camera this isn’t available, so know your shot, this may take a while to get the perfect shot but it’ll all be worth it when you do!

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

It is imperative that you pick a nice day to film. This isn’t to say that you can’t go out and record on days that are slightly overcast or windy. JUST. AVOID. RAIN. Unless you intend to have a dynamic shot in which the audience are supposed to see drips on the lens you need to pick a different day.

Hide and Seek!

The camera is 360-degrees which means that it can see all around itself, so again a key difference between this and a standard camera is that you do not have the safety of cowering behind it. It’s often said in theatre that if you can see the audience, the audience can see you. Although this sounds very ominous and remnant of ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’, if you can see the camera, the camera can see you. Make sure that if you’re not the subject to find a nearby tree or a box to crouch behind.

Wild at Heart.

There is nothing wrong with any other camera, and the utilisation of multiple different pieces can really make a difference to the quality of your production, as a result don’t over-use your 360-degree camera, even if it does look shiny! There are times and places to set it up, mainly in open spaces like fields or deserts, where you may want a beautiful establishing shot of an environment. Placing the equipment in a cupboard, or a hallway where most of the surroundings aren’t very eye-catching is arguably a waste of battery and use.

Getting yourself out there.

When you’re originally starting out it’s sometimes difficult on YouTube to breach the surface of the number of videos uploaded, as there are thousands and thousands uploaded every second. This link can be used to buy youtube views from themarketingheaven.com.